let me dream of you tonight
since i can’t see you with my daytime eyes
let my night vision see the texture of your skin
let me stand in your presence
gaze upon your form

speak to me
as you would when you were here
look at me, let me see your green eyes twinkle

your form is withheld from me here
so let me soft-dive into dreamscape
where you can take form
reveal your image to me…
i’m ready to see you now

don’t make me wait any longer
let me dream of you tonight.


silhouette of a man
making his way up the hill

with a hat
lanky legs

your mother used to call them stork legs
we would both fall out in laughter recalling that
and they were
like stork legs

open well in my heart, i fall down it
gazing at that figure across the field
pretending it is you i see walking

brim of your hat
your casual stride
my heart beats fast and god, how i want to wave at this man
how i want to believe it is you
and not a stranger mimicking your gait, the shadow of your hat

i jerk my head to the crow of a bird
shift my sight away from the man who i want to be you
as if we could have a reunion
there you have been all this time just walking along

newfound feather catches my eye
i bend down for a closer look
tears drip and melt into the sand
i pick up the feather and the man is gone.

just like you.


three months turned to six

then six to seven

now from 57 i am 58

and this is the time without you.

the minutes pile on top of another and time stretches itself into new realities
wanted or not

in all this time you are still the DJ to my playlist
the bird in my sky
the feather under my step

as the sun sets behind my back
beyond your warm body
the next day brings me
one day closer to you

it’s closing up the space between us
days are ticking off
the last time i beheld you further away
until the day i reach you, getting closer.



our love was tall and skinny
graceful but dynamic like aspen quaking

we could never hold the sound echoing from the friction of our leaves

bright hot fall colors
so loud against the blue sky

and i don’t dare question it now

i have to let that echo ripple off
let drop the dried leaf
into the world of the past

stand tall, shivering in my awakening

this is a tree that is not coming back

roots so deep and for so long that i thought they would hold us forever

but you were felled and all that was us fell too
crashed like an earthquake
thundered in a new terrible reality

graceful white tree
no longer tall against the sky
leaves me lost in a cleared forest

lost love crushed under the weight of cut branches
scattered leaves

it’s a terrible thing when grace is felled

but a beautiful thing to let go, when it’s time
and let it lie in peace
its quaking stilled

leaving only the echo of love
in the composting roots

i plunged into the shallow end

ran along until it got deeper

and the current began to pull me along

i looked upon the shore

and saw you there…

i called you in

but you were of the land and you ran alongside

spotting me from above

the water sailed me along

i went deeper down

again i called you in

from the shore getting steeper, the precipice much higher now

but you assured me you could see clearly from your landing

and you blessed me on my way

as i continued down.

and i allowed the space of you upon that shore

the distance between us

you on your way, your feet on the ground, your love of mother earth

and me in the water, flowing, deeper down

but then you surprised me

you sprinted

much farther ahead

and in you dove, so far ahead of me

beyond all human sight…

and now it will take a lifetime

for me

to catch up to you.

Photo by Sandy Page Taylor



she said brown

and strongly masculine

all encompassing nature

that was you

where you inhabit horizons skimming the edges beyond where i can see

in the blindness of grief i can only trust you are there
and here at the same time

i braille this fine line of believing yet not knowing

i falter, fall on the trail, shun the sage

the tears slide me down, stop me until i regain my vision to stay even with your eternal heart

where i can see the sage again

remember you strong

feel your sage eyes of love that show me how to see beyond the seen

and today i walk among the brown dirt, aspen, rock and sage and i see

yes, you are here

in this green, this love, this nature

for me, you always will be.

Photo by Sandy Page Taylor

I am honored to share that one of my poems was selected to be performed at the Dancing Poetry Festival. Information and poem below. Thanks for following me!

Dancing Poetry Festival
Legion of Honor SF
September 15th Noon to 4 pm
Tickets $15

I’ll be reading with many other outstanding poets whose poems will be expressed through dance. I will read Matryoshka Dream, re-published below:

matryoshka dream

like butterfly wings that gently gather

then flutter to dust off the tenacious detail and pricks of the day

i fold into myself

then curl me inside the wings of the mother to release

to the dream of assurance, compassion, and peace

i am held in this refuge by mother

when next i see the arms of the one who birthed her

circle and embrace my holder, my mother

then the one who comes even before her swaddles us both

followed by cradler nested in the grand mother before

and she who is held

inside the arms of Mother Heartbeat holds her daughters against her great body

we are embraced, we all

seraph embraces angel tied to butterfly, wound to womb

then Grandmother Wisdom emerges to enclose we all

in protection, understanding and infinite love

mother womb inside mother womb

all down the lineage we are held, one another inside ourselves

and she, Great Grandmother Sky

is held in the heart of our Great Cosmic Mother

and within all these mothers’ arms i am attached

we are invisibly connected

in indivisible

sacred embrace

leaving me to float in Mother Moon’s halo

of grand sleeping dreams


forget the tall man with the hat

who comforted you

the one who walked you

bay trail, car rides, fish market every day

snuggled your black pelt against his frame.

when he called

you always came.


his scent, his deep voice

and tender kiss, my little girl

forget, so the sting of his non-return is lost in your dreams

i am here now

to take over

step into his gigantic man shoes

walk you on familiar trails

see the world through his eyes

where he left us, not here but not forgotten

all the love he poured into you

i can reach out and touch

caress your coat, ease my own pain of the loss

and help you forget

the tall man with the hat who loved you.

Daniel Swetlik

Help us celebrate National Poetry Month!

I am honored to be invited to read with two very respected and talented poets: John Rowe, President of the Bay Area Poets Coalition and poet Jan Dederick on Wednesday, April 4th in Alameda.

Daniel and I will present a few musical poetry pieces and songs written from poetry. Please come out, we’d be so delighted to see you!

April 4, 2018
7 to 9 p.m.
Frank Bettes Center for the Arts
1601 Paru Street

Alameda, CA 94501

Open mic will follow from 8 to 9 p.m. so bring whatever you want to read!


I am delighted and honored to be invited to read for National Poetry Month by the Alameda Island Poets!

Please join us:

April 4, 2018
7 to 9 p.m.
Frank Bettes Center for the Arts
1601 Paru Street
Alameda, CA 94501

Dan will join me by playing bass to some of the poetry and we will also perform some of the songs he wrote music to from my poetry. I will co-feature with one or more poets to be announced.

Open mic will follow from 8 to 9 p.m. so bring whatever you want to read!



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