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this suspension bridge offering a crossing…

it allures

it sways

it may cross you over

but makes no promises

suspension bridge

may leave you hanging

suspended over the rush of your life

as you watch it flow below

the river of your life before

out of reach–history now, rushing forward to…

unknown, i can’t see

i’m navigating this bridge

too determined to turn back

dizzy going forward

seeking rhythm with the sway

of this delicate passage

an offering of No Guarantees

just an uneasy tightrope

a place with a view

calling me away



you spit lies to me

and i sip at sinking canoes in the harbor
before we drown together
for just a moment drinking tear water through our gills

my darts meet the water before meeting their mark
i shoot again, this time from my heart, a little straighter
to your heart, my mark

you sing a siren song and we echo together
in accordance now

we dog paddle
upon the Truth

discovering together
how to repair the sour boat
build it back to floating, dry and clean

row to shore
in time for sunset
rest in calm beauty

let Truth sink in and watch it sink again

before another day
sets its lies upon us

MoonPath by Diane Lee Moomey. See more of her incredible art at

MoonPath by Diane Lee Moomey. See more of her incredible art at

it was a time when her plants were drying up

when the walls of home were cracking

three kings

circled the sky

motioned a signal

three stars drew her from bedlam

stripped off orbiting planets no longer calling her sun

three kings made time stop as she drove toward that airport, fireflies in the sky

orion’s belt summed it up nicely and

sat like pieces of air suspended in zeroes

saying you don’t have to be here anymore

three lights squatting like extraterrestrial talismans

said you don’t have to do this anymore.

led that queen backwards

looped her forward

past the wailing walls of

what used to be home sweet home

jetted her forward, tropics calling

flying to the popoki black night

thrice times old ways gone

thrice times, a new horizon born.


Starlight, by Lisa Burns

today is about consciousness

my lack of it

my fear of it

my desperation to be it

my struggle to embrace it, yet reject it

to run from it, like cool shade from hot sun

shade that grows like a monster or shrinks like a coward

staring consciousness in the mouth and swimming with it

delighting in it

tentatively allowing it to unfold me

uncrimp me

turn me into flowing

instead of road blocks of angst.

today is the blanket of consciousness around me

the sun card

that can absorb me

only as much

as i am willing

to let go

Sun Card

Visualizing a journey back to the Great Mother Protector is a great stress reliever and soothes the inner child, even the adult! You can imagine it any want you want, here is just an idea.

my scared and tired

of jaws so tight

melt me into your waterbed bosom

hold me in your pulse

wrap me away from the outside

protect me, pull me from all of “that” out there

flood me away so i see from afar

my connection, my belonging

in the safety of your embrace,

curled like a child in your palm, detach from the false

allow myself so small and you so big

with you, i can look back and see

the illusion of it all, release what i thought was real

loose jaw, suckle within your aura

and in the den of your womb

i can take a breath

plug into the very Source, the truth of what we all are

and find refuge from the world

Goddess Art, Courtesy of Janice Rocke

Goddess Art, Courtesy of Janice Rocke

layed she down on the hard
gravity pulled
and saw her mark
stained upon the sidewalk

there it was
the outline of a life
burned under the stars

she rose up
took in her print engraved upon the measured square
the outline of perennial personality
a bankrupt life, flailing
etched across the pavement

beckon sun to burn
moon to pull away birthmarks
until the image she has believed in her whole life
succumbs to the moon wash and the sun rays

bleeds into the cement
disappears down under
where she began

the prediction
of where she would end

courtesy of Dina Janel See more of Dina's unique art on her FaceBook page:!/dinajanel?fref=ts

courtesy of Dina Janel
See more of Dina’s unique art on her FaceBook page:!/dinajanel?fref=ts

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