i endeavor to include original art with every poem. please submit art to mo@smilingeyestribe.com for consideration

contributing artists

Wendy Andrew http://www.paintingdreams.co.uk/

Robin Apple http://www.robinapplepeopleshots.com/about.html

Lila Afiouni is an artist living in Australia…http://lilaafiouni.com/

Ann Bauden http://www.soulcollage.com/ann-bauden

Thomas Burks is an actor, songwriter and artist living in Carmel Valley.

Lisa Burns, Grass Valley

Jim Blake is an artist, songwriter and architect transplanted to Nashville…see his website at: http://jimblakeart.com/

Leon Canerot is an artist and enthusiastic traveler living in Santa Cruz…http://www.leoncanerotphotography.com/

Belinda Chlouber http://belindachlouber.com/

Sarah Jane Curtiss is an artist, author, philospher, lay scientist and programmer living in San Francisco…see her site at: http://graceartgroup.com/

Rhone Ferren is an artist and musician living in Santa Rosa…

Ray Ferrer http://urbanwallart.wordpress.com/portfolio-images/

Loretta Ferris, San Mateo, CA

Jerry Frost is an artist living in San Francisco http://www.jerryfrost.com/

Susanne George designs greeting cards. See her site at: http://susannegeorgegreetingcards.com/

Susan Grisell http://susangrisell.com/

Karen Hartley http://iamawriterandanartist.blogspot.com/

Rodger Helwig is photographer and avid foodie living in San Francisco…

Dina Janel https://www.facebook.com/dinajanel?fref=ts

Eddie Kirk, Santa Rosa, CA

Boris Koodrin http://boriskoodrin.com/

Frederic Leighton of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, 1830-1896

Carmon Leon, photographer extraordinaire, Santa Cruz

Ray Loboto is an artist who lives in San Francisco…see his website at: http://raylobato.com/home.html

Chris Love is an artist living in Utah, or some such place. http://www.chrisloveart.com/

Diane Moomey http://dianeleemoomeyart.com/

Sue Munroe http://susanmunroephoto.com/

Dolly Rappaport https://www.facebook.com/Dahliarappaport

Janice Rocke is an artist and writer living in Big Sur

Katrina Seasum http://katrinasesum.com/watercolour.html

Holly Sierra http://www.hollysierra.com/

Ginger Slonaker http://www.gingerslonaker.com/

Eliezer Sobel http://www.eliezersobel.com/

William Solis from Costa Rica is an artist and talented carpenter living in San Francisco…http://graceartgroup.com/

Robin Urton http://www.robinurton.com/

Biljana Zovkic is also a writer, go to: http://www.biljanazovkic.com/