a tribute to Kambiz Abbaszadeh

He always made a place at the bar

Dan I would show up

And with a flash of his warm smile

Kam always made a place for us

He would serve us a knock-out cocktail he dreamed up

And then, after attending to other patrons and washing a few glasses, he would fill us in on his family

In this way, he made us feel like family

Kam did that for people

For any of us

We sat in his presence

Whether it was on the bar stool

Or at the BBQ grill

Or at the family gatherings that were so precious to him

Wherever it was, we sat in the radiance of Kam’s playfulness, his spirit, his heart

Kambiz in the Kitchen

Kambiz enthralled with the cosmic

Kambiz with the shaker

Kambiz with magic massage fingers

The warm heart

The Love for the art of good food, good drink

The Art of Family

He gave us nothing short of love

He gave 100% to work, to his obligations but also to playfulness and to fun

Kam’s life was an adventure story from Tehran to the U.S.

From the Caspian sea to the ski slopes of Tahoe

He lived his dreams with all his heart

But as much as he loved adventure


 loved his family more

Nothing more cherished

His presence with his kids, with all his loved ones

was unmistakable

and even us. Just a couple of friends

he always gave us a seat at the bar, the table

But mostly

Kam gave us a place at His heart

That’s just who he was

how lucky we were to be in the orbit of his shine

The flash of his kind smile.

his steady gaze that held ours gave us a place

a special and coveted place

at his heart-filled table

He showed us nothing but Love

He gave us nothing but Love

You opened our hearts, Kambiz Abbaszadeh

You showed us how kindness worked

the importance of family

and how love prevails

Shine on, Loved One

Thank you for the seat at the table of your heart

We are better for your lion roar of laughter

Better for your imagination of the perfect cocktail

Better for knowing there is nothing better than Love

Better for the place we now hold for you

at a permanent seat in our hearts