for ira kart

it started off as patter

like rain

on my brain

when we first met you

your piano keys striking my nature like flowing rivers

and then your patter became more familiar

and we began to know you as friend

as tribe member

music gigs and giants games

your patterns of smile and simile

your kind heart with eyes to match

and your patter was like soft rain

to my thirsty brain

your piano keys that smiled sunshine

into our wet hearts

and in your eyes, we recognized ourselves

saw in ourselves, how we were all connected

in the family, in this tribe

and you brought out heart

where before

there was only patter in my brain.

and i wonder why our loved ones

why our friends…

why can’t they just stay in the neat alcoves we carve out for them?

in that corner playing the piano

where my spirit lifted?

on stage right, where i expect to see you, now and every time coming

why can’t you just stay there?

to remind me how to turn my patter into harmony

where i can be beguiled by you?

charmed by you?

heart devil

i will never hear piano keys the same way…

you brought color to our lives through heart

and measure of music sublime.

i will stand back and let you go

but i will forever keep

the echo of you

the pattern you played…the rhythm you drummed in our ears

and the imprint you left on our hearts.


click here to see this poem performed at Ira’s memorial