i want it all in my own time

the coming of the tomatoes

the taste of the equinox

in my own time, when i am ready

not when the rest discovered it and left me the spoils

i want it like a ripe peach breaking from tree

apart from the orchard, in its own rhythm

apart from the echo of others

not entrained like a grafted hybrid

let me discover it

in my own time, my own fashion

trusting i will claim it when i recognize it

not when you say its here, but when I feel

the shadow speaking to me

in a language not heard, not written down

let it come to me when my own sunrise speaks morning

when my eyes behold sunset and my third eye bursts gold

let me wait until this spirit, this unique expression, is ready to bloom

and not

a moment before.

Photo copyright Rodger Helwig

Photo copyright Rodger Helwig