i wouldn’t trade you

for a pursed smile behind a locked heart
that looks so good in leotard suburbia

i wouldn’t trade
your spit and blue lips, punch in the throat

for all the gabled lawns in the hamptons
pretending tidy and wrapped in comfort

wouldn’t trade it even though everybody can see through
your thin white skin, you can feel it tear
seeking the purple birth of spring

i wouldn’t trade you for the ring around a fairy
money in the bank
or the symmetry of stable chemistry

it wouldn’t be real

i want you to feel, motherless chimpanzee

your acute appendicitis is as real as your eyes
drilling holes in the falsehood
driving down to the truth that hurts so real

i wouldn’t trade your feelings, thick and red like lava
that stops everything and burns

wouldn’t trade your pearl magic living side by side with fear

wouldn’t even trade the stricken hole in your mouth coughing up roles
like chicklets

staking your place until the earth rots and you pull up your roots
then set again

i wouldn’t trade what’s real

like the trying on of sizes

chewing the gum of bitterness

wouldn’t trade your shadow for the sky scraping transcendence
because it’s down here, down below where the portal is

i know you’ll find it because
you Are a sky-embracer Already.

i wouldn’t trade you for the world.