Poet and Special Edition host, Stephen Kopel recently had me on his show. At open mic, he shared this lively gem (or should I say germ?), which I now share with you!


leaving the boys at
the Beer Bucket,

still savoring a
two-base hit,
smell of uniform,
cleated shoes and
dusty visored cap,

from out of left field,
I caught a … cough!
harsh throat tickler,
me and my mitt
bent over, fumbling,

I swore before
almost dropping this
respiratory foul on
a magazine ad for a
Swedish suppressant

but, these pianist hands,
fingering with a typical
showman’s grace, signaling
a cabbie to Carnegie’s Place,

deftly tucked this
viscous wad inside the
sports score page of an
Olde Yorke Tymes,

disgusting tabloid,
last season, reviewing
my rendition of the
“Phlegm Partita” by
R.U. Hacking
which left a stain on
my startched reputation
that even dry cleaning
never quite removed

More reading from Stephen Kopel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2zCQCIPzjk