it was before the en. when circular doorways and soft-edged answers grooved the way

it was the time of howling blood and baby bile without shame

a time before pipes

and indoor plumbing

when the loss of a golden ring was mourned and memory buried

not caught in the drain trap

wrenched open with sweat stained tool

and rescued to Behold…

those had not been invented yet

before high rises and forklifts

it was a time to praise the moon

to plant before sunrise

in the days when a stone hovel was enough

and the rain bled through

when rituals and ceremony were the staple

a circular life clean of edges

with eyes that could see into the third dimension

with hearts that beat with mother earth

and there was death and the unexplained

there was drought and suffering

laughter and feast, cold and cuddling

it was simple and fatal, this cycle of life

a circular accepting.

then the time of en, came the linear

the angular

the comfort of straight walls and roofs that didn’t leak

the striped sun divided the land called his

the we became wom of en: the wombs of him

the chattel who were owned

called wom-en

the sunset of the goddess, who sank into a spiral

for millennia

now weaves her way into many hearts

pregnant until the planting is ripe

when the meadow is soft and round

and we can welcome back the birth of the bud

the Divine Feminine

to soften the angles, breathe bucolic breath into the corners

release the linear and the left brain from their burrows

blossom the unseen sweetness

of the meadow

applaud pointless play and sing the exploring stream

to find ourselves back in the heart

of the we and the en

brought to Mother together the curve and the line

the rise

of Women.

Art by permission of Holly Sierra. See more of Holly's colorful and divinely inspired art at

Art by permission of Holly Sierra. See more of Holly’s colorful and divinely inspired art at