Here is a journey to do anytime you are not feeling at your best. This guided meditation is intended to clear your mind and recalibrate yourself to a higher healing vibration.

I remind myself we did not come here to be perfect. Afterall, as far as mistakes go, there is no perfect person on this earth! Perhaps we came here as faulty so we can experience humility, recovery, compassion and forgiveness. And yet sometimes we can feel so bad when we fall short. Being human is hard. Maybe we are just out of tune. Try this out as a remedy. Since it is not really a poem but written as a visualization, I have included an audio, which is more conducive than reading words. If you do this on your own you can use a singing bowl as an aid in the sound vibration, or you could try toning with your voice, or just hear it in your head. This is a great way to start or finish your day on the right note.

journey series: a rain drop

imagine the purist rain forest, or the highest mist of a mountain top

find yourself there and take a look around. feel the moisture in the air, take in the colors, feel the presence of this rich and vast place

a single rain drop emerges on this pristine plane

this drop is from the Source, it is pure, beautiful, brilliant and embodies truth and infinite love

it has been energized by its journey from earth to sea to cloud to rain drop

this drop has a deep wisdom and represents the highest divinity

take your time to experience it there in front of you. Take in being in the presence of this sacred drop. View the shape

see any colors it has, notice the size or any other characteristics

allow it to fully form in front of you and prepare to invite

the crystalline drop to you

it is there to heal anything you may need at this time. For example if you need a healing or attention on a part of your body, you can infuse the drop with that intention, if you need more serenity or release from something, send that message to the drop so it can adjust to give you the very thing your mind, body, thoughts or emotions need to transcend.

in this moment place the healing rain drop in the center of your body

you can imagine your body like a lake and see the drop gently splash down

making waves

feel this drop commune with your body, see it as a ripple in a lake, emanating from your center and expanding out

this drop has a certain vibration, a resonant sound

listen with your inner ear to hear the tone, allow yourself to equalize and raise your own tone to a higher vibration

allow the waves in your body to resonate with the higher vibration of this drop

the drop makes waves in concentric circles from the center of your body radiating out from your solar plexus cleansing and refreshing

clearing out

the circles expand to your lower body, then above radiating through your heart and chest, purifying, restoring and bringing you to your highest manifestation

the vibration sweeps lower to the trunk of your body, down your legs and imbues freshness, restorative power and higher intention in the space around your legs, below your feet and beyond

the ripples extend upward to your throat, neck and head permeating you with a higher vibration of truth, beauty and insight

this resonance extends out to the energy field that surrounds your body bringing you to a higher experience purifying and expanding your ability to love and be loved

this wave continues to flow through every part of you

expands your heart, clarifies your true voice, inspires your creativity, infuses wisdom and opens your insight to higher visions

every cell in your body imprints with the higher vibration of this sacred drop

this drop sends out vibrations of divine purity

resilience, fluidity

compassion, tolerance

this drop purifies, cleanses, heals and brings you to your best

you are ignited with a sense of your deeper, true self. See the purity and rightness in loving yourself entirely
wholly embracing and loving yourself on the highest level
this precious gift allows you to bring a higher love, a strong love filled with self-honor and respect to every interaction

this higher feeling sweeps through your system, through your energetic field and recalibrates

resets your previous energetic field, your frame of mind

feel these waves remove obstacles

heal your mind, change your thoughts

let it remind you of your inner divinity and allow that perfection to come to the forefront of you

allow these waves of higher thinking, higher love and insight to become you

Now, see that energy …..wave out beyond yourself and extend to others

to influence everything you touch today in a higher light

You have this resonance within you now, to keep always. You can re-experience this anytime throughout your day

You can allow this drop, as a precious gift, to ripple out and re-purify anytime you have troubling thoughts, or need to re-connect with your highest good

you are the wave of inner divinity, resonate with it, be it

live it today

and let yourself sparkle and shine in the drop of essence that you really are.

MoonPath by Diane Lee Moomey. See more of her incredible art at

MoonPath by Diane Lee Moomey. See more of her incredible art at