Performing this poem Saturday, November 21 at Shell Dance Nursery in Pacifica with Mr. Tom Poole on trumpet. 2-4 p.m. FREE. Also performing with Daniel Swetlik on guitar and Tom a few original songs written by Daniel Swetlik and Maurine Killough. Hope to see you there!

this is an ekphrastic poem written for Sarah Curtiss‘ art pictured below
listen to the audio clip as you read the poem

jazz, you are a mystery to me

curly notes cue up to fugues on acid

sprightly tuned colors ignite velvet fur juxtaposed with electric fusion

noodle highways drive sound from a high speed chase

to the color of cool, green avocado

striped trumpets pop like stars in your xylophone hair

jester music, you are two faced

you climb me from your creamy lips, just to nudge me to the suicide drop of a sky scraper

jazz shaman, mystery witch, you pull me deep into your fractals

lose me in your saxophone eyes

then hang on your obtuse hooks my ears

waiting to be rescued in a wave of piano or left to drown in a Minor C

mysterious jazz, you shun convention

you spark infused parody

soothe, then confuse and take hostage our sensibilities of rhythm

and into the smoky night

of slippery hot pepper butter-love

you stand guard over the rebellious realm of

the undefinable

keeping the lock safe from the key

its mystery

"Mystery" by Sarah Curtiss

“Mystery” by Sarah Curtiss