a journey poem to clear your mind, re-commune with your divine center. i do offer personalized journey sessions by phone. if you are interested you are welcome to email me.

elixir lake

follow nature’s ancient spiral
to your Center
spiral into seashell curve
to meet your Center
where you rest, you rest

clear your mind to a serene lake
still and fresh
so quiet
lambent surface reflects sky
eyes dancing on looking-glass water

proud forest surrounds
and borders this sacred place
imparting vibrant green and vitality, protection

there you find yourself
standing at lake shore
early morning, fresh
dew rising, dawn burst
soft sun streaks light through trees and mist

take it in
this peaceful serenity
take in the quiet
breathe in first day’s air
until you become as peaceful as this serene lake
wholly commune

perceive in the water, the trees and the leaf
an intelligence, an aliveness
a sense of a guiding presence
every life form standing tall for you

form emerges and spirit guide appears
a benevolent presence, brings a message
you need only ask with a gesture, with your heart
or reach of mind

message materializes
in the owl wing, the pine needle, the song of words
or whisper of spirit touch
your message, received

sacred note
beckoned by your request
the reply is yours
to hold in your heart

to remember we can ask anytime
and commune in our hearts
never revoked from us

you are still and serene as the lake
this sacred place is only your mind’s eye away
to find serenity at any time

small bottle is your vessel
you now find in your hand
to collect an offering from this mystic lake, alive with divinity
invites you to fill your bottle with its sacred elixir


elixir, a magic liquid, effervescent and sparkling
essence of sanctuary, this pristine lake
this elixir to walk with you in outer world
as a salve to anoint yourself
with peace and center-calm

heart filled with gratitude
offer a prayer of thanks
a drop onto your crown brings radiance and peace
cascades and bathes you in serenity

anoint your chest and heart
feel your heart swell with the peace and harmony of love
a Drop to your belly radiates wholeness, ease
elixir infuses bones, travels to strengthen your legs, your feet

you now, are the holy lake itself
your body and mind the placid, still body of water
surrounding forest your guides, grandmothers and great grandfathers
One brings you back
to open
see the world from the perspective of you as the serene, calm all-knowing lake
walk the world in a new way
your magic potion
tucked inside

Deep River Dream by Robin Urton See more of her work at:  http://www.robinurton.com/

Deep River Dream by Robin Urton
See more of her work at: