we are creature and you are man

we call you to the intersection of material and nature

we call you

for a walk

to bring you to the unseen glory of scents and instinct

to sounds outside

we give you what we can of our ways which you mostly do not understand

but we observe you intensely to learn your words, comprehend your alien meanings

and urge you out every day, we say: commune with us in the great outdoors, come with us to glimpse the wild

you are our ever-faithful

and we are yours, completely

with expression we calm you and bring you from the calamity of a troubled mind

to the peace of devotion
and love unconditional

for in a less natural place as this, you have given shelter

and take us on a walk

to a dimension on the edge of reach called love, we have learned

to operate in this language, love, falling so naturally between us

we are the saved and we are your Savior

we are creatures of different kinds

but we each strive to reach each other

and swirl in the simplicity of the moment: a nap, the great woods

or a daily vacation

as simple as a walk

–Happy Fathers Day to Danny from Dinah & Boomer

Boomer & Dinah

Boomer & Dinah