A poem from a visualization to be used anytime your organs (or any part of) your body have been stressed, ill or weak and need revitalization.

slipping into greenest garden
i rest my body
and plant my base to earth

roots descend from my trunk
reach into Mother Gaia
tender shoots reach to suckle
rich moist earth, to nourish

new-born stems take root, grows upward
into me
each shoot finds an organ, a place
which blooms fresh new life

flower buds of heart and liver
spleen is fox glove, pancreas a blooming rose
tulip kidney, hydrangea lungs, lilac thyroid

whole interior blossoms flowers
nutrient-rich roots bring vitality
rainbow bouquet, made up of all shapes and sizes
fragrant, beautiful and radiant

my organs, my parts, a flower garden
daffodils and nasturtium of happy life drinking sunshine
robust with hydration and the blood of life

i attend each flower
careful gardener, i am
call up from source specific nourishment each flower needs

tissue rebuilt, vitality restored as nutrients and life flow
to each flower springing in me
each part thrives with life-giving properties

so happy, each part, the humming joy of vitality
smiles upon their petals
while they metabolize disease
process toxins
cleanse blood
each flower restored, and restoring

my body, a brilliant community garden
full of life force, oxygenated, hydrated, nourished

i am walking garden
with smiling flowers for organs
for body parts, for wherever they need to be

i carry my garden body to its secret flower bed
anytime it calls out
for a time of the highest rejuvenation and revitalization
that a blooming garden can provide


Bee Flowers by Loretta Ferris

Bee Flowers by Loretta Ferris