i observe two women at the table by the window

one like me and one like you

and i wish she were my mother

and that was me sitting across from you

i would watch and listen to you from across the table

like i see her do

watch you eat your soup

with crinkled lips

see your eyes make contact with me over your bifocals

your necklace dangling

i would take in the familiarity of your face, like mine

share a salad with you like two women would

passed would be the days when we would have been at odds

sharp words from opposite sides of the table

delivering judgment upon each other like passing stale bread across the dinner table

i watch your face look astray when you hear a word askew

marvel at your manners which once repelled me

and for the first time, not experience you as formidable but as someone who was once a vulnerable child

our conversation stops for a while as we sit together

mother and daughter, woman to woman

peers at the table of some restaurant on a Friday afternoon

the lines on your face and your delicate bones would reveal we are cultivating a new relationship, the beginning of you depending on me for a change, you leaning on me for advice

the woman in me resumes our conversation

and then i listen for some of me in you

my mother in me.

like these two women i hungrily spy upon

we would have certainly become friends by now.

"Love is Like" by Belinda Chlouber See more of Belinda's work at: http://www.tenfingers.com/

“Love is Like” by Belinda Chlouber
See more of Belinda’s work at: http://www.tenfingers.com/