The visualization this poem is taken from is a guided journey to ease the grief of the bereaved.

journey for loss

loss that drops me falling
fortress of self, dissolved
scorched, bleeding

the wind she summons…
my ghost body rises
to follow wise guide to sacred place

where they are all there: ancestors, guides,
guardian angels welcome encircled trees
surround, stand guard shoulder to breezy shoulder

brave fern tips rise to heavens
and the ground, radiant stars witness
beckoned, i enter.

quilt of kaleidoscope presented to me
wrapped around my shadow form
this quilt to color with memories, the

patchwork i sew from my mind —
re-collection — drop the sorrow from
my head and bleed the pictures into squares

chant: drain the head and fill the quilt
memory quilt, comfort quilt, give each square
a moment, a picture from the past

these will last forever, stitched in the time
of this blanket. drops fall from my mind fill in squares
seal each patch with tears to drain the sorrow

patches as holograms of memories, living,
alive, stitch my Loved One’s name
along the borders

carefully, beloved name along every edge
living quilt wraps around my grieving body
restores my eyes

to life, wrapped with love
and memories weave around me
fill me up as they empty me, my head

free an anguished heart this blanket of memories
comforts me, is blessed by the ancestors, kissed
by the angels, a gift from my guides

nodding in approval as i stand before them weaving
the blanket and coloring the squares hugging
blanket blessed by angels, which becomes my body

my body as memory eternal spirit as divine,
my head released from strain
my heart
the soul of this quilt, knit with tender wings

rain happy thoughts along the borders
reinforce the stitches with smiles my
Loved One pictured in every patch

funny memories tickle my leg
warm memories radiate my skin
all this within me forever, elders give blessings

moon sets low, seals the making
heart gives thanks to the sacred, to the sight
to guides and angels

for this gift i promise to keep it close
remember, when grief takes over, to move
thoughts from the brain to color the quilt, a mosaic

of beloved life to comfort my heart
escorted home we are returned
to body, my quilt and me

Loved One is Eternal, the quilt is
my comfort to stop the bleeding
it is my Loved One who is with me forever

photo courtesy of Sue Munroe. See more of her work at

photo courtesy of Sue Munroe. See more of her work at

a special thanks to Brother Karekin for edits and encouragement!