Dear Readers, this is the first of what I hope will be a series of poems inspired from meditations I have written over the years. The visualization this poem is taken from is a guided journey to relax, and to visually and sensually be filled with quantum Divinity.

mists of avalon

deep into Mother
I am heavy

roots rain down
brain releases grip
to neutral, non physical

mist is sacred
essence of the divine
billows, loose shapes

shades of color-mist floats to me
infuses my trunk
hydrates bones
mists my pelvis
loves my belly, saturates my dry heart
cools red throat
and clears my head

I am mist

I swirl with it, healing, relaxing
soft cool lightness
mist surrounds me, I am blessed

and it expands, as I do
out and out
I am wide like Mother
Big like Earth

morning dew of the Divine, I am
each drop, love eternal
hydrated with magical mist

swept with auras of love to give back
and back

I am expanded and healthy
sacred cloud I am embraced by you in a precious way
may I consciously hold you
float inside you and know who I am

energetic particles vibrating
I open heart and mind to Divine Mother, Grand Father
and say soft prayers to myself
to be shared by all

see the Universe receiving
self-healing with intention
as I send golden light and everlasting love to
to the dark parts
the heavy, the tiny…

this mist condenses now, collapses deep inside
fuses into my cells
becoming Divine drops that I am

I am the mist
see it inside
showering me

remember I am
ethereal and grand, small but flowing
All in One, we are

come back into the world and remember
I am the holder

Art courtesy of Ann Bauden see more of her work at

“Angels” courtesy of artist   Ann Bauden
see more of her work at