cringed awake to cloudy, grey billows too tired to move

bits of wind urged them on so slowly i barely noticed getting out of bed

crusty clouds weighing me down, sleep walking my step

air pressure pushed down and i followed it

grappling under flagstones of a dragging heart

i did not want to drop deep

drop deep into the nether regions of my soul and ask why

i wanted to pull the covers over my head

bring back the night cocoon

hide deep in safe slumber cave

but sleep turned me out and day-not-awake came instead

lured me to a sleep walk

mock life

i did not think it mattered

to see some blue patches come through

but pressure lifted and then more blue, more blue

oceans of white pilgrims drifted through

the sun brought itself out to color a black eye

usher me out of underworld drift

shift me awake, bear up and

squint my eyes to the movements

of a new day

Art courtesy of Carmeon Leon

Art courtesy of Carmeon Leon