this is an ekphrastic poem written for Sarah Curtiss’ art piece here.


she looked at me from across the room with such pleading recognition

that it flickered my own history to reflect hers

those crooked eyes bore into me

and i remembered myself in her former life

here she was craning her neck to set her uneven eyes

into my wrapped up paper face

her eye holes stared into my perfected façade

revealing the mirror we were for each other

i saw our stories unfolding same pages but different books

centuries apart in a moment all collapsing together

but the more i stared at her, the more she began to come apart

she split into pieces, and her lips became a jumble

her face blossomed a Picasso

and our stories split into alternate universes…

her eyes seemed lost and crazy to me now, familiarity turned to intractable madness

our ancestral kinship had met its end and diverged into radical eccentricities

she was trapped behind those Picasso eyes

while i feigned safety from

inside the square frame

of my paper walls