charade in white robes

they dipped me in unsuspecting water

and asked, don’t you see god?

and in their rapture of overturned graves

i said no, no i don’t

but i want to, i really do

so i skipped the baptists

begged a direct deal and demanded

show me a sign

any sign

but no one answered the phone

and i was left hanging to look elsewhere

try a different number

let the line go dead for a while

circled back to cut the cord

look inside to take it all in

within and without

as with within, so is without

i still asked for help

prayed for it, even

left to fend for myself

but in drops as i let go i found something

through a thousand doors

in a meadow of conversations

from a mountain of perspective

and an open heart

i found the location of my temple

it is the church Within

Revelation by Boris Koodrin

Revelation by Boris Koodrin