wide eyed boy had creamy brown skin

flashing white teeth and rich black hair

his mother had flowing carol king hair

hip hugger bell bottom blue jeans

and a paisley halter top

she was white and skinny as a rail

tracks on her arms like a trail

she explained to me the adventure of hunting for magic mushrooms

and i felt i had never met anyone more exotic in my life

almond eyed boy became helpless and protective all at once as she headed for the door

she laughed off his clinginess and ignored brown boy’s concerns

as she disappeared into the bedroom, and locked the door

i felt sad he had to worry instead of seeing he only had the coolest mom in the world

it was exciting to hang at this house and meet my brother’s girlfriend and her kid

learn how to hunt magic mushrooms and see how hippies really lived

i could be her, so bold and wild, this is who I could be!

big eyed boy with black lashes did not share my enthusiasm

i remember begging my brother to take us to a scary movie that day

my father had urged against it

horror movies would only make my night terrors worse he said

in the end they did take us to see that scary movie

which probably did give me bad dreams

a few weeks later i got a hard view through that tender boy’s eyes

his mother was dead

killed herself with a heroin overdose

my child eyes asked futile questions

my view was muddled, I had wanted to be like her, but now that seemed wrong

and i worried about what happened

to that clear eyed boy

"Beholder's I" by Boris Koodrin See his site at www.boriskoodrin.com

“Beholder’s I” by Boris Koodrin
See his site at http://www.boriskoodrin.com