There’s a new ride at the Fair! Instead of the usual mechanical rides fair-goers can waste their money on, fair-goers of the writing sort can now select from several categories and get the thrilling ride of an instant rejection letter…Free!

Just think: no need to send off a submission and wait weeks. Now you can get rejected just by asking. Of the many categories, I selected “Tilt A Whirl” and below is the dizzying rejection ride I was gifted with. Thanks to the geniuses at The Stoneslide Corrective for recognizing this need and filling it. Write On.

Double click on the image below to read the letter (click again once open and you can probably get it to magnify).


Rejection-be-Damned, I will be featuring at the Fair (Expo Building) next Saturday night June 15th at 7 p.m. I do hope you will join me for this poetry reading, which will be followed by a musical performance by Thomas Jay Burks.