her name was Irma

y ella no habla engles

so when i got home from school i would prattle off my pigeon Spanish

and she would make me sopapillas

my brother would blow in with his junky girlfriend and a new puppy

they would fuck on my bed and it would smell like pussys and dicks

he would haul the stolen goods up to our apartment

a mounted deer head, a gold clock, bags of things and stow them

my dad would uselessly protest

Irma would disappear right when we needed her most

leaving us with piles of puppy poop and dirty sheets

then my brother would blow out again

and after dad and i were done cleaning the house

Irma would promptly return and make me sopapillas

pillows of fried flour tortillas sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

i loved Irma.

courtesy of Ray Lobato, see more of Ray's art at raylobato.com

courtesy of Ray Lobato, see more of Ray’s art at raylobatoart.com