luke warm water roars into the bath tub
my nerves ache for that shot of relief
only blazing water can give

i release myself to float in the cowardly bath
squirming to keep my skin from making contact with the comfortless air

i bet jack nicholson doesn’t have to take tepid baths
i meditate on the medicine chest poking out like a 1970’s TV
i bet he has a recessed medicine chest and spicy hot water, never ending

i close my eyes to the shower curtain and pretend the water is luxurious enough, brave enough to give me the hot bite i want
and it comes to me that i know jack nicholson doesn’t have to be annoyed at his spouse for turning down the blasted water heater to supposedly save a few dollars

i know this because i read they live in separate houses.
he never has a spouse sneaking around like a gremlin, moving things, but especially turning water heaters down to save money
this, of course, makes me hate jack nicholson because he is rich and never has to take a tepid bath

maybe if i wait long enough, the water will be hotter when I turn it on again
but, no, it’s cooler

i am going to kill my husband when he gets home
he is going to wish we lived in separate houses

there’s nothing like a tepid bath to get your blood boiling

courtesy of Sarah Curtiss, see more of Sarah's art at

courtesy of Sarah Curtiss, see more of Sarah’s art at