the flavors of my lips
inspired by jack prelutsky’s poem bleezer’s ice cream

push away your first impressions
& move on past your rules
i have a lot of flavors in me
some I’ll let you choose

lazy eyes to dream me in
feel the purring of my hips
better yet just sit right here
and taste the flavor of my lips

i have
mocha cherry almond
tequila sunrise jewel
lemon spray francesca
butterscotch cashew

i have a chocolate velvet tongue
that calls your lips to mine
come taste a lick of sunshine
and suck my lips like wine

i’ve got
bourbon salt vanilla
and margarita tart divine
the zest of all our flavors
will spice us up sublime

so take a step aside
your route
and savor a little taste
i promise you a flavor
you wouldn’t want to waste

push away your diet
forget your other plans
its time for blueberry kisses
to meet with cherry valentines

biljana zovkic
art courtesy of biljana zovkic
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