our modern arrangement
can’t hold you
Holy One

jabbering to the Others
inventing scenarios
no one else can see

we don’t have a place for you
Seer of Delphi

you are disdained
at best pitied
there’s no place for you here
and your messages are scrambled

long ago, i imagine
you were the Sacred One
Shaman of the Clan
interpreting the Words of Nature
Channeling the Presence of Spirits

but no more can you connect the tribe
to the Other World
or act on your bestowed gifts
this world is too busy for that

the voices are confused
meanings misinterpreted
only the manufactured pills
can halt the lost Emissary
screaming in your ear
drugs fade and mutate the truth
turned to hideous lies

important never
to miss your Dose
Swallow your Stop
put your calling behind you

there is no place for it here

this poem won 1st place at the San Mateo County Fair 2013

Sad Sally by Sarah Curtiss, see more of Sarah's art & books at graceartgroup.com

Sad Sally by Sarah Curtiss, see more of Sarah’s art & books at graceartgroup.com