i’ve lost my key again
i’m embarrassed as my sweaty fingers search
empty pockets

feeling for the blunt edges
i come up empty
no key, no key

i can feel the scrutiny
the pressure is mounting
i must retrace my steps
search for this missing link

i am thrust down the chute
filled with suds
i fight my head above the surface
with only inches to breathe

packed and ready my car sits
planted by the missing key
i retrace my steps
walk the tall city

i am lost because of this key vanished
i am locked out, locked in

the key is Nowhere
i have lost it And I am a loser again
the key is my salvation
my Nemesis
my interminable search
for the very thing I don’t need

the key is nowhere
i want to be

courtesy of Sarah Curtiss

Courtesy of Sarah Curtiss see her website for more art, books & art items at graceartgroup.com