I thought this was worth re-posting for the Winter Season
–Happy Holidays, Everyone

spice that transforms the darkest night
is served at this ancient Table
as we follow some version of this long-held tradition

spiraling frenetic workloads to the side
resisting the gravity of the advertising blizzard
or not

but most of us trying, trying to collect ourselves into our clans
to share the
Good food
Good drink
Good company

reminding each other: you are important
you are important to me. i feel important to you.
We are important to Everything.

the Spice that lights our solstice
and brings us through this winter season
is the hopeful discovery
of our connections to each other

Peace and Joy, courtesy of Susanne Georges

Peace and Joy, courtesy of Susanne Georges

Susanne makes beautiful hand-made greeting cards. See her website at: http://susannegeorgegreetingcards.com/