we won’t let you stop us she said
to the hurricane halting manhattan
nothing can stop this city she said

let it stop you
let it stop you

i won’t let these aches & limping bones
keep me from forging ahead
going and going

let it stop you
let it stop you

5 am alarm for the gym
then a full day’s work
don’t let the traffic jam
stop you from your buzz kill
stress locks your neck freezes your shoulders

make it stop
make it stop

for just one set of moments
let it still you, let it spill you
go backwards in time & fall back on yourself
instead of constantly spitting life out

let life rock you
let it soothe you
wedging in one last appointment
on your way to the store
while returning calls

keep the frenzy from blocking your drive
get out of bed and
combat that fog
with colorful capsules in a neat plastic box

but you know what?
let it stop you

let that runny nose stun you like it feels
let those mad road blocks do their thing
let that hurricane you call your life
stop you from national disaster

maybe that hurricane is trying to say
stop mutherfucker. stop fucking me over.

yes, drop your armor
and look the so-called enemy in the eye

And Let it
Let it stop you