I couldn’t resist re-publishing this one in the spirit of the season!

when loving the modern vampire

sex is not dead
for this heartless romantic
with a sullied reputation

this seersucker suit
wearing an armor of coldness
and absinthe eyes
directing a powerful undertow of passion
sucking you into a hazy mirror

mouthy talons drawing the blue elixir
from your wanton neck
right at that tender spot
absinthe love drugging your reason
releasing you from decision

delirious with being devoured
you whimper a sigh of relief
and you are weak in the knees

your weakness
feeds his strength
and this is the best kind of sex
for both of you

coldness can never love
but passion is your master
seduction of the forbidden and the sin-sual
your teacher

but the sin of loving rapture
the sacrifice
to the wormwood box
the sleepless hibernation
the capitulation
required for this kind of passion
is frowned upon

yet the peer pressure dies away when he calls you
with his commanding eyes and still lips
romance is not dead
when you can hear his voice
raping your mind

his exactness holds you
and makes your heart leap at the site of spires
and the thought of cold marble slabs
to be laid upon

they don’t understand
the seduction
the thrill
of collapsing in his grip

they just don’t understand the complexities
the concessions that need to be made

when loving
the modern vampire

Reading at Nola’s Monday night