you are not your body
or your disposition to good eyesight or broken bones

you are not your winning smile
or head for numbers

you are not the sum of your successes
or the remains of your suffering
nor the way you hang your pictures on the wall

you are not
the sweat bead of worry
the measuring up
or the tight chest of a misfit

you cannot find yourself here
because this is not who you are

you are
what is hidden in the jewel box
where the world forgets to look
where this world cannot even see

there, is who you are
and pulsing with the divine

you are the universe in a blink
you are a drop
the size of an ocean

are actually never ending, you…

you are not
what you think

this poem won 3rd place at the 2013 San Mateo County Fair

Red Eye, by Sarah Curtiss
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