Read this at the August 18th Cur-ville Music Festival which honored Woody Guthrie’s 100th Birthday this year.

Woodrow your steam is running through us
Your Brothers & The Sisters await
because their crops are failing
while you’re traveling Hard
in that boxcar and strumming on an Empty Belly
-Jackhammer John – Pastures o’Plenty – Work-till-you-Die songs

Woodrow, your boxcar houses
the brothers & the sisters
who didn’t have a dime
on that Glory Train bound for the Vigilante Man starvin on the farm

It’s a dusty road uniting the workin’ man
Hiding from the Klan

This Land was made, you said, this land was made
fightin for the rights
for you and me
This land was made, you said, this land was made
for the migrant workers too
It was made to combat the worried man blues

your brothers & the sisters are singin’
your salvation songs
your brothers & sisters still draw, brother
from your revelation songs

we’re still riding on your current, brother
tracks of your tunes
Brother, your train is still runnin’ through

This poem won honorable mention at the San Mateo County Fair 2013

Poster by Karl Haglund