i’m watching you
stirring everything to a frenzy
your wires crossed
you don’t know which direction you are going

flinging up dust
and whatever else you can grab onto,
charging skin electric
frazzling nerves with your silent shrieks

everything you touch, you rock
push this way and back
inside you are wailing
wailing tremors of grief
outpouring bellows from some unspeakable blow

until you stop for a moment to get your breath
and everything sucks in the calm
before you roar out again
shaking us up, clanging our fists shut

there’s no one to console you
no prayers or offerings from
we powerless observers
who have lost the art of speaking to you
except to curse your outbursts

we shrink from your emotion
annoyed at your undefined rage
slink away inside
from your venting gusts

your siren only sounds
in the velocity of your pressure
your scream is hidden
inside your force

your howls are vagrant banshees
until maybe in a day
or in a few weeks
your grief will find its resting place

you’ll reach consolation, pull your breath back into yourself
and begin to dance your easy sway again
i will feel your soft breath on my cheek
and i will feel peace is here at last.

art, courtesy of janice rocke