for Rosemary

she merrily wanders the world
this fire and grace
drinks a cup of riot
and blesses the saints

terrorizing young children with a clown strip tease
or reverently on her throne, a goddess if you please
the social dictator planning another party or trip
or blessing a ceremony, giving us a sacred sip

with poised aura and hearty humor
she boldy graces this royal theatre
she lovingly teaches with heart and grace
the student, a loved one, or a strange face

merry explorer, heroine of our hearts
we still share a laugh over horse and carts
you rejoice the art and paint the town
with verve still left to play the clown

graceful lady, lover of art and moon beams
you inspire us all
to love beauty and live our dreams

wandering grace you are the bohemian drop
of the Divine’s splash born to pop
and soak us with your day dreams sparkle
a passion for life that is a marvel

tasting and sharing the apple of your eyes
dancing and blessing the magic of God’s sunrise
fire and grace, bohemian sister of my soul
Happy Birthday and may pterodactyl times
forever ROLL!

the Goddess of the Pterodactyls

Click Here to see Maurine reading this poem live to Rosemary at her Birthday Celebration