she didn’t know me but
she let me park in the driveway
of her tiny apartment
where she lived

when i shyly tapped on her door
can i perhaps borrow a mixer to make cookies
she graciously invited me in
and gave me a tour
of her tiny apartment
decorated just so
with her happy green plants
and her sparkling clean windows
the comfortable chairs and the sweet wooden table
where she ate

when i returned the mixer
i gave her a plate of freshly baked cookies
she was so happy
standing there alone
clutching those warm cookies
her kindnesses returning themselves on her

and in that moment
my heart loved her so much
that lonely generous grateful neighbor
in a tiny apartment
with such a big lonely heart

it reminded me how much love i could have for someone i barely knew, afterall.

Prayer Book courtesy of Sarah Curtiss

Prayer Book, Courtesy of Sarah Curtiss