for janice

in the time it took to push the coffee press down
we had relived a bubble
experienced again a time we had laughed and rollicked together
that time when we saw the world from another side
of the horizon

since the 18 years I last saw you
your eyebrow still has that story
and your stance still of an archer
with a paintbrush as your arrow

pure heart even still
never lost by the Keeper
timeless quilter that weaves not our time
but the shapes of our gestures
the texture of our intentions
and the patterns
that may temporarily blind us but ultimately spin us
to new fragments of ourselves patched together
making new possibilities

timeless keeper of the sanctity of friendship
of sacred connection and kindred spirits
timeless keeper of the artist’s expression
clouds of floating creativity
that can only be lost by closing your eyes
and making a fist

you kept your eyes open, kept open your hand
breathed in the timeless keeper
not living on the calendar
free of the horologist’s dial

timeless keeper
where distance is unreal, where time is only a word
where lines are actually curves bending to circles
circles to spirals that breathe back to life
a memory
lost in the past

Goddess Art, Courtesy of Janice Rocke