did i push the wrong button
pull the wrong knob
impulsively choose
the colorful wrapper with it’s tidy
birthday gift wrapped edges?

this hard candy
i have to swallow

instead of choosing the milk chocolate one
with the chewy nougat and depth…
so much more depth

or the rich fried corn chips
so crunchy and salty
making me salivate
wondering how that choice would have been

instead of this hard candy
the monotony of the same taste
taking so long to dissolve
and you can choke on it
trapping your airways until they turn you upside down
and you hack it out
then back in your mouth it goes

is it too late
to spit this one out
watch it crack and bounce on the pavement
leave my mouth empty
lost and flavorless
hoping to find all the delicious but scary choices still open to me?

or maybe i would find the expiration date had passed
only to leave me
dry and strangling on my own disillusioned breath
perhaps i should relish this heady sweetness
aching my teeth, gritting my jaw
with it’s one-dimensional but jolly and colorful flavor
celebrate this choice above all others
desperately loving what belongs
to me
this flavor

which button, does it matter?
but in how you savor
the machine
serves up

The Carnival, Courtesy of William Solis

see more of the eclectic art of William Solis at graceartgroup.com