sitting in the doll house room
romper room chairs
too stiff to be comfortable
breathing oil molecules

he scribbling on his sleeve
the rest reading the provided sports illustrated
or staring at CNN on the dinky TV screen
me sitting on the edge of my life

he was gangly
and wore a misshapen hat
i could see in his eyes which did not look my way
that he was misunderstood

i could see myself
climbing onto his lap and kissing those purple lips
“I understand you” my hips would say
his hands would say
he had always known me
and we would wake up
with legs tangled in saturday morning sheets

cheap plastic chair
facing the wrong direction
my heart spread open secretly calling him
i will leave my life for you
abandon the old me to throw myself into you

he paid his bill
and walked right out
the crude little door
putting the brakes
on my fantasy ride