they came
to Be Seen

walked in like show horses
parading, even

she, lovely-legs blonde with her evenly-cut hair
sliding down her pretty back
her nubile ripeness, nipples upon rounded fruits
and her ass
her perfect moon-ass

she was wearing high heels, of course
and nothing else
well, except for a provocative mini-thong
color-coded to match her hot pink stiletto sandals

and he with his perfectly shaped dick, muscled thighs
and dark, foxy features
gliding her around the dance floor, all eyes on the fire flys
scrotum and all

i couldn’t take my eyes off them.
i looked at my friend, susan
and her eyes were popping out

they relished in the eyes
that bathed their
naked bodies

they came
to Be Seen

published in the 2013 Anthology of SenSexual, Volume 1

Marilyn, by Rod Swade