one of these days, alice
I’m going to throw you out the window

I’m gonna walk away as you die alone
turn my back forever
on your lies
that I believed for so long

one of these days
I won’t feel  your remonstrations
beat me up from the inside
or suffer the ax of your low opinions,
the slice of your condemning judgments

one of these days, alice, I won’t be driven by insecurity
wondering if I’m good

listening to your diatribe second-guessing me
leaning on your empty ideas of comparing
myself to others
and being so damn concerned with what people think of me
looking for approval from the outside

one of these days
I’ll know who I am
just because I believe in me, instead of you

on that day I’ll know I’m not the soft egg
you’ve cracked me up to be
or not even that I am an extension of the Divine
but I AM the living Divine

that I came here to be brilliant Shine
and confident Wise
carrying out the Good and the Love
of the Sacred that we all Are
standing tall
holding my hand out to liberate others
from you, alice

owning who I am on the holiest level
shedding you like a ragged garment that never really fit very well
and there will be no doubt
in the way I move through the world

that alice doesn’t live here anymore.