for my dinah dog

I wake up to the fog or the sun, no matter
I sing her a good morning song
and rub her belly

she sings back in her silent way, answering my eyes with her soul
I whisper secret love words into her at all points of our day
and she licks them back on me

she watches me move and reads me like braille
all I have to do is flash a smile and turn my eyebrows up
and she gets excited

we have a language between us, all our own
she is my confidant, my constant one
sharing my office while I sing-song customer service chatter
guarding the frontier of our fortress
or runs to comfort me with immediate and intense concern
if I jab out cusses against the enemy

she is there when I eat my meals, monitoring every bite
and there when I exercise, watching in wonder

she breathes asleep in her dreams while I sleep
a little more cramped, to aid her comfort, of course.
and she politely excuses herself when we make love

she looks after me
or up to me, I don’t know which
urging me on, saying with her eyes
“Chuck this joint! Let’s GO…let’s just go have fun.”

And every morning is ours, a song of love.