for my sister suzie…

It’s never a walk in the park with you

But rather we’re rippin down the side of a building on our flying bicycles Our super hero-ess capes billowing behind us With the sidewalk coming up fast No this is not a walk in the park!

We shield each other as evil spirits come our way

And the brush of ocean air mixed with trees reminds me we’re actually speeding downhill in golden gate park with the sharp wind biting my fingers and daring my eyes shut

Not a walk in the park, but a wild ride with my sister on a sunday

Even though we may have argued on which way to go and we went the wrong way (her fault) which turned out to be the right way (ok she wins) like most of our times together are the right way, gone the adventurous way

This is what she brings to my life, as we argue and love each other, she’s a super hero in black sexy leotards speeding faster than a racing vibrator and when we get to the windmill, we share not just a drink but more importantly our stories that need to be told then argue on whether to check the bikes which I think is too paranoid and I win with no checking but she loses, her phone missing oops shoulda checked

but while she hops around hyena-dance hyperventilating and expounding the injustice of being ripped off, I call her phone with her saying (while still dancing hyena) “what for? what does that accomplish?”

And it Rings. was in her pocket the whole time. And like most of our adventures together, it’s never a walk in the park and I wouldn’t have it any other way.