folds of a man

the 1-2 texas punch

sent the loom to spinning

weaving a way to the land free of sins

baptized by the white sand and blue sea

in came the chapped stick with his wild ideas and music with his chapped heart

and eyes full of adventure and misadventure

tentative trust and new beginnings

shedding his past like snake skin that always grows back

and the folds of his expression, one upon the other like an exotic Indian sari

intricate patterns taking shape into vast patterns like a blanket to spread your life upon

the grist and the tears and the beauty upon the lyrics along with hammered nails and the songs and the stage with one man being many men in many situations, the mouthpiece for all those within us dividing us among ourselves

and every fold of the man is there

made from the bolt of the soul

the fold of the man inside the man

traveling back to himself.