I’m transported to a different place and time
as I sprint the spoon
into the bright and tangy
as sweet and sour
gloriously orange sherbet-plus-sunset citrus

It’s a fond feeling, a safe feeling
transported back to that modest Crofton residence
and the grandmother who served the grapefruit

Memories glow like each segment glistens
as I slurp and sip the squirting juices

This is the Felicia Fruit, the grandmother breakfast
The acid and sourness faded away after she accepted me,
and I was a faithful ally to her always

We were bound by the common love of her beloved grandson
The sweetness of the fruit of this love swelled in cross country letters…the old fashioned way to communicate, and we both enjoyed our special friendship

we were conspirators in agreeing all
he Should do and Should Not do

and we were partners at the end of the day
in spoiling him
and loving him

Her stoic yet a little quirky personality
pungent and fruity lives on
in the loveliness of that bite